Products and Services

At Eye Solutions we offer a varied range of– Well, solutions, to help you see life the way it was meant to be seen. Our services include: Complete eye exams, eyeglass sales, contact lens sales, medical eye care, pediatric eye car and more. At Eye Solutions, we don’t just specialize in bringing you the latest and greatest eye care available, we specialize in your health. In all dealings with our patients, we endeavor to conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty. Decisions are made on what is best for you, and we take your vision needs very seriously.

We use a pricing structure that is very easy to understand, and fair.  We believe people expect and want us to share our knowledge with them; they also expect to receive quality for their money.  Our expectation is to provide your eyecare needs with the quality of product you deserve, within the requirements of your budget.

Eye Exams

One of the more important things we do at Eye Solutions is offer complete eye exams. On the road to seeing better, the first step is determining exactly what your eye care needs are. This is accomplished through an eye exam, and we offer a personalized exam that can determine exactly what solution is right for you. Eye exams are covered once a year for people under the age of 19 and over the age of 65.

Eye Glasses

The glasses that you wear are more than just two lenses and a fashion statement. They are your access to seeing life in high definition (and they’re a lot less expensive than a new TV). At Eye Solutions we only sell the highest-quality eye glasses so you can rest easy buying any eye glasses from us.

Contact Lenses

Not all contacts are created equal. In fact, the disparity between quality and comfort of contact lenses can be rather stark. At Eye Solutions, our goal is to help you see better and keep your eyes healthy. That’s why we only offer the highest-quality contact lenses at Eye Solutions.

Pediatric Eye Care

Kids learn and grow at an incredible rate, and their eye-sight is often key to their development. At Eye Solutions, not only is your child’s eye exam fee completely covered once per year (until age 19) but you can rest assured knowing that your child is getting the best vision care around.

Medical Eye Care

Don’t worry. Even if your eye care needs are an emergency, we’ve got you covered. Not only are most issues covered by Alberta Health Care, but we specialize in giving you the right care, right when you need it.

At Eye Solutions, You Always Get The Best

We guarantee that at Eye Solutions you’ll find nothing but the best vision care in the business. We want you to see life the way it was meant to be seen and we offer a personalized approach to your eye care. Don’t wait. Start seeing life better today by giving us a call at Eye Solutions.