Professional Staff

Eye Solutions was founded on the efforts, talents and ideas of many different people. In all dealings with our patients we endeavor to conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty. Decisions are made on what is best for you, the customer, and we take your vision needs very seriously. Associates are trained to provide you with accurate and professional answers to all your eyewear and eyecare n

Dr. Derek Shaw at the office

Dr. Derek Shaw


Born into a family of six in Taber, Dr. Shaw spent most of his early years engaged in sports. When he turned 19, he spent two years in California as a missionary. There he ran into some students who attended the Southern California College of Optometry. They soon ‘converted’ Dr. Shaw to the optometric industry and since then he hasn’t taken his eye off the mark, eventually graduating with Honors from the University of Waterloo in 1988. Dr. Shaw originally began his practice in Lethbridge but moved to Medicine Hat with his family in 1995.

More than anything, Dr. Shaw is a family man. He loves to spend time with his wife, his five children and his 8 Grandchildren. Dr. Shaw remains firm to the old adage: Family First. In his personal time, Dr. Shaw likes to play golf, squash and to travel.

Dr Justin Snell at the office

Dr. Justin Snell


Dr. Justin Snell grew up in Crossfield, Alberta, a small town just north of Calgary. During his school years he was heavily involved in various sports and music, but ultimately Dr. Snell turned his gaze to the eye care profession. Even now, it’s easy to see how passionate Dr. Snell is about his patient’s eye care.

Before coming to Eye Solutions, Dr. Snell received his optometric degree from the University of Waterloo in 2011. After graduation, he was interested in furthering his education in the field of eye disease and so he completed a one year ocular disease residency in Ohio. There he was trained by ophthalmologists who specialized in various ocular conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, binocular vision and more. Dr. Snell moved to Medicine Hat in 2012 and enjoys the small city life with his wife Cheryl, and three children, Ruby, Myers and Eldon.   

Trish Shubert


Trish was born just north of Medicine Hat in a small, one-hundred and fifty person hamlet called “Acadia Valley.” Trish came to Eye Solutions to cover for another employee who was on maternity leave, but her vibrant and friendly personality was just what Eye Solutions needed. Even when her original planned work term ended, Trish stayed on to become Eye Solutions most experienced Opticians.

Marcie Svrta


Born in Cardston but raised in Bow Island, Marcie is known to some as the “Bean Queen” for her quick wit and electrifying personality. Marcie has had several fulfilling careers in her life which include everything from hairstylist to school bus driver, however, she has always had an interest in the optical field. When she finally got the chance, Marcie got her optician’s license in 2011 and has been a valued member of the Eye Solutions crew ever since.

Julie Shaw

Optometric Assistant

Julie was born in Vernon, British Columbia, but raised in a smaller city-center called Salmon Arm. But, having moved between Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan for work, Julie is no stranger to Western Canada. Eventually, Julie ended up in Lethbridge where she began a 25-year career in banking. However, fate would seem to take Julie in a different direction, as she met and married Dr. Shaw in 2004, leaving her Lethbridge home behind. Julie has since discovered a new love for eye care.

Ellen Laing

Optometric Assistant

Having a conversation with Ellen might reveal as much, but Ellen reigns from York, England. After graduating from Woldgate School in 1996, Ellen came to Medicine Hat with her parents. Ellen was on the look-out for a new challenge when she found Eye Solutions. She almost immediately came to love working in the eye care industry where Ellen’s calming presence quickly won her everyone’s approval.

Jody Hagarty

Optometric Assistant

You may have seen Jody at the track (be it BMX, track-and-field or even the dance studio) but she was actually born out east in Trenton, Ontario. She came with her husband and two children to Medicine Hat after her husband had a work transfer near the end of year in 2011. Jody has always had an interest in health and fitness and this eventually lead her to Eye Solutions where she has become a valuable asset to the team.

Nicole Ferguson

Optometric Assistant

Nicole was born in Germany as her dad was in the military and her family moved around a lot.  She has lived at both ends of Canada, as far west as Chiliwack, British Columbia and as far east Halifax, Nova Scotia. In large part due to this, Nicole has always loved to travel, especially on road trips. What Nicole likes best about working at Eye Solutions is meeting new people and patients, as well as the challenge of learning new skills daily.